In the United States, these procedures are so expensive that only a few can afford to get them in any number. Thank you so much for my beautiful smile! I pray that God bless you Dr. Mylene and staff for all of the work you performed on me. I received seven frontal upper porcelain crowns, nine frontal lower crowns and seven amalgam fillings replaced with natural looking white fillings. My wife Connie, mother and I stayed directly across the street (Makati Avenue) at the Great Eastern Hotel. The hotel has a very good security and great prices and is directly across from the A. Venue Mall where the Enhance Dental is located. The upper end mall has lots of restaurants, a money exchanger, a licensed optometrist as well as a licensed dermatologist for those wanting to get a little Mesolipo, radio frequency treatment etc. I highly recommend you come, make your dental vacation with Enhance Dental where I know you will have a great experience.

~ Alvin of Alaska (March 2009)